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Consumer Advisory Group

What is the CAG?
The Consumer Advisory Group is a group of local Disability Advocates, based in southern Ontario Canada, who are tackling challenges in their community that present barriers that are physical, social, economic, etc. We hope to use our Collective voices to help other people with disabilities live their lives as independently as possible.
I’m a member of the Consumer Advisory Group because as an ALSO Consumer I feel this group is helping to influence the quality of care ALSO provides. As a graduate of the Disability Studies Program and my years of personal experience at receiving assistance from the ALSO Staff allow me to bring a unique perspective to the group. Hopefully, by putting every perspective together, this group can influence a better barrier-free environment for each person.
I joined the committee in hopes of helping as many people as I can. As a Tetra coordinator, I have changed the lives of countless people. Devising Solutions where none could be found. If you say it can't be done I'm here to tell you we'll get it done.

My years of experience with ALSO help consumers and some staff realize what is possible. From Electronics to electric wheelchairs everything has a solution! I've turned many homes from completely isolated from the world to open to everything from a hands-free door opener, television on/off, and even change channels. There is too much to be listed. Even living with cerebral palsy, and getting older, everything I set out to do gets done".
Hello, my name is Sarah Bondy. I came to the Consumer Advisory Committee to make a positive change at ALSO, to make it more accessible for everyone, which in itself is my way of contributing to the disability justice and pride movement.
I joined the consumer Advisory Group because I feel I can make a difference. I've been in a wheelchair for 40 years and I bring to the group a lot of experience that I can share to help others understand my disability better. Having worked together with PSW's over the years I have learned how to communicate with them better as time went on. I don't have a fancy education but I do have a lot of experience. I look forward to learning as much as I can from everyone else.