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Meet Our Clients

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Warren Falby

Warren is well known in ALSO circles, but what you might not know about Warren is that he is a very proud man.  He is proud of being a great god father and he is also proud that he is able to live independently. Warren was one of the 24 consumers that moved when the ALPHA supportive housing site closed in 2014.  He really is enjoying his large accessible apartment and the staff at his site.  He accredits ALSO for ensuring that he is able to live independently and have choices. READ MORE ABOUT WARREN

Grant Bristow

I'm sure many of you have seen Grant in the halls and working hard at ALSO in the Participation Industries Program (PI), but for many of you Grant might be just as mysterious as some of the characters in his favorite Power Rangers movie.  While some might believe that a guy who likes Power Rangers wouldn’t necessarily enjoy more traditional characters, but Grant will prove you wrong.  His favorite show to watch is Laurel and Hardy, a classic! READ MORE ABOUT GRANT

JP Marentette

JP truly is a prime example of how someone with a disability can live independently in the community. He contributes his success to A.L.S.O. for making it possible to live in his apartment and have the freedom to do what he wants when he wants to. READ MORE ABOUT JP