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Caroline is very energetic and young at heart.  Similar to Belle in Beauty and the Beast (one of her favourite movies) she is a very intelligent due to her love of books. Reading has given her a wide vocabulary, active imagination and an open mind.  Caroline has two university degrees! She has a degree in both psychology and education.  Her family is her world. She has two children, Matthew and Katie, whom she loves to spend time with.   She is proud to have been raised in Windsor with her siblings, she has two sisters and one brother.  Caroline currently lives in LaSalle and explained that in 1999 she was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and it changed her life dramatically.  She told us that if she had a book written based on her life that the book would be titled “Mrs. Positive”.   “Despite everything that I have been through being positive is how I deal with life”, she explains. 

Caroline worked at APPD (ALSO’s former name) for over ten years, and she saw firsthand how important the attendant care workers role was in the community at the ITAP supportive housing site.  Caroline is very thankful for the care she receives from her attendant care team.  “I would be lost” without her staff.  Seeing the staff daily brightens her day, and she says it contributes to her success of living independently. Caroline also said that she wishes she could walk again, but is happy that she can be at home with her family. Caroline enjoys the simple things in life like baking, reading, and enjoying the sun on her face.  Her ideal vacation would be setting out to explore Lake Louise and Banff Alberta.  The views are incredible in that part of the country, and I cannot help but think that Caroline would bring some additional beauty to the view. 

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within…”  



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