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Chris was a left defenseman on a hockey team when he was young. Chris still has a youthful and ambitious heart at 53 years young. Chris has had attendant care services through ALSO for over 20 years now. He has always been very helpful and has brought tons of joy to other consumers and workers alike

Chris' favourite foods are sweet just like him. Some of the staff fear that he might start looking like Honeycomb cereal soon because that is his favourite meal. Chris laughed as he described the cereal as both “sweet and good”. He also loves chocolate.  Chris does not like to watch TV or movies, but he loves music and is a big fan of Led Zeppelin.  He could not identify a single song or album as his favourite because he loves them all. 

Chris enjoys nice weather and that is why California would be his choice of an ideal vacation spot.  He would go out to see the beautiful beaches and ladies. It comes as no surprise that summer is his favourite season and he refers to summer as “baseball and golf season”.  He doesn’t mind winter too much because he can enjoy his favourite sport, hockey!

Chris is a very detail-orientated person, which is evident when he builds his favourite pizza. He will have double cheese with a nice tasting tomato sauce, topped with mushrooms on a thin crust.  Chris loves to spend time with his family and friends. He enjoys hearing his family and friends say "welcome home Chris".  His best role model is his father, who was a very strong, independent person who successfully raised many children.

The help Chris receives from ALSO helps him gain much appreciated independence. Chris enjoys getting out with the staff to see his favourite hockey team, The Windsor Spitfires!  Chris also appreciates the help that ALSO provides him in regards to keeping up with his mobility and walking.  He hopes that one day soon he will be able to learn how to walk even better and be even more independent.


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A new day will dawn for those who stand strong, and the forest will echo with laughter”  - Led Zepplin