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Similar to many of her favourite book characters, Felisha is an adventurous spirit with a heart of gold. At just 29 years old, Felisha takes advantage of her youth and energy by exploring. She loves to spend time outdoors and enjoy the warm weather whenever possible. However, her adventures aren’t just limited to her physical surroundings.

Felisha loves to lose herself in a good book, especially one filled with action and fantasy. As a self-confessed bibliophile, Felisha always has a novel in hand. The Hunger Games is one of her favourites, but she is also a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. Both the books and movie adaptations are favourites of Felisha’s. Meeting Daniel Radcliffe would be her dream come true.

Felisha loves summertime, especially because it is baseball season. As a sports fanatic, Felisha loves to watch her favourite athletes in action. She passionately supports the Detroit Tigers baseball team. The dark blue featured in their logo is even her favourite colour!

Taco Tuesdays are the best day of the week for Felisha. She loves to eat out at Taco Bell, but she has a sweet tooth as well. A big bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios is Felisha’s perfect breakfast. Hawaii would be her ideal vacation, but Felisha isn’t a fan of Hawaiian pizza. Pepperoni, onions and ham are her go-to toppings.

Being involved with ALSO gives Felisha the opportunity to take part in many outings and activities. She recalls the recent trip to St. Jacob’s as one of the best experiences she has had. Felisha looks forward to future outings with ALSO and can’t wait for her next adventure!
“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be” 
– Albus Dumbledore, 
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire



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