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I'm sure many of you have seen Grant in the halls and working hard at ALSO in the Participation Industries Program (PI), but for many of you Grant might be just as mysterious as some of the characters in his favorite Power Rangers movie.  While some might believe that a guy who likes Power Rangers wouldn’t necessarily enjoy more traditional characters, but Grant will prove you wrong.  His favorite show to watch is Laurel and Hardy, a classic!

One might wonder what Grant would do if he had a million dollars, and his answer is to spend some of it on a long trip.  Ideally Grant would love to visit London, England and meet the Queen. I can imaging Grant meeting the queen with many friends and family members along his side.  Getting to know Grant, you can just tell he would love to spend his vacation with the people that are closest to him. Personally I think that the Queen would be honored to meet Grant.

Now who wouldn’t be impressed with a man like Grant, he has many hobbies including bowling, swimming, fishing and camping?  Grant really enjoys being a part of the ALSO team. He enjoys assembling parts and using the knitting loom.  He is an active member of the PI Program and Equal Ability programs at ALSO.  He believes that people should donate to ALSO to help assist programs because "people should be able to do activities in their daily lives".


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