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If you haven’t already met JP, you might just be the only one in Windsor.  JP also known in some places as “John” or “Johnny” has been visiting area establishments from the west end and back to the east end of Windsor for many years.  He is often seen driving down Lauzon Parkway or Tecumseh Road to get to his various volunteer jobs and activities on his scooter. 

Born and raised in the east end of Windsor, JP grew up with his family who farmed the land that is now known as the Meadowbrook Condo’s.  His family helped him to be independent and encouraged him to work at a young age. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth and went to school with others that had disabilities.  He always wished that he could have gone to ‘regular school’, had a wife, and kids like many other people do. Despite challenges JP has remained positive and is a vibrant member of our community. He is proud that he spent many years working on the farm lands driving the tractor. He later worked as a janitor for Good Will and still keeps busy as a volunteer for St. Vincent the Paul and various other organizations that need his help. 

Not much stops this man of 74 years. He has traveled throughout Canada from Alberta to Quebec on well earned vacations over the years.  Since his retirement, he has enjoyed vacations in the south and getting away from the snow which is JP’s biggest pet peeve.

When asked "What would you do with a million dollars?” he said “I would pay my bills and go on a nice warm vacation.”  One of his favourite past times is playing Bingo, and we sure hope that he wins the jackpot soon.

JP truly is a prime example of how someone with a disability can live independently in the community. He contributes his success to A.L.S.O. for making it possible to live in his apartment and have the freedom to do what he wants when he wants to. 

He says that "the best thing about A.L.S.O. is the staff, and he wishes that more people would know exactly how much it means to him to have a great team support him."

He added if it wasn’t for A.L.S.O. there is no doubt in my mind I would be in a nursing home today.”  

JP would like to remind people to support A.L.S.O. "by donating or volunteering for programs and services that help people just like him in our community."


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