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Like his favourite animal, the endangered white Bengal tiger, Mitchel is fierce, strong and independent. It would be impossible to contain his vibrant and energetic spirit in a zoo. He insists that pineapple is a necessary addition to any pizza and will defend his favourite actor, Tom Hanks, against criticism. Despite his strong persistence, Mitchel is a gentle soul whose loyalty and affection for others are truly touching. He speaks warmly of his best friend, Alan, who has volunteered with ALSO and visits him regularly.

Mitchel loves to travel. His favourite destination has been Jamaica, but he would love to take a dream vacation in the city of New Orleans. Though he enjoys all seasons, warm summer days are perfect for Mitchel to spend time outdoors. Mitchel loves to be enthralled by thrilling entertainment. A fan of science-fiction and superhero movies, Mitchel enjoys being submerged in the supernatural. He is also a wrestling enthusiast and fondly recalls watching WrestleMania at Ford Field in Detroit. Reading is one of Mitchel’s favourite pastimes. “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom is his favourite novel.

Mitchel is a very healthy eater, but he likes to indulge on the occasional donut or chocolate bar. If Mitchel were a box of cereal, he would be Frosted Flakes because he is always bursting with energy. His vibrant personality is even reflected in his favourite colour, orange. Though Mitchel is very content at this stage of his life, he would like to be 17 again to relive his high school prom. Getting dressed up for the memorable evening was a special moment.

Much like his hero, Superman, Mitchel has persevered in the face of difficulty. His positive attitude and brilliant smile are not indicative of the challenges he has overcome. Acknowledging that he hasn’t always had it easy, Mitchel cites ALSO as a significant source of support and comfort in his life. A former resident of ALPHA, Mitchel had the opportunity to move into his own apartment three years ago. The day he joined ALSO’s independent living program is an exceptional memory for Mitchel. He highly values his independence and recalls his moving day as the best day of his life. Without this program, Mitchel would not be able to live on his own and have the opportunities that he does today.

Mitchel is very grateful for the support he has received through ALSO. When asked what the best part of ALSO is, Mitchel answered, “Knowing that I am number one and a part of something bigger than me. They will do whatever they can to help me and make me as comfortable as I can be.”


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“There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” - unknown