ALSO - Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario

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Tammy is famous at ALSO for her beautiful artwork. She has been with ALSO for a year and has really benefited from the services. In an interview with her, she explained that all staff at ALSO are very nice, friendly, respectful, and are willing to help.

She enjoys watching The Price is Right and The Big Bang Theory. Her favourite book is tilted Love Me Tender written by Elvis Presley, who also happens to be her favourite celebrity.

She went further by saying that the best gift she has ever received was a picture of Elvis Presley given to her by her brother. Her greatest accomplishment in life is seeing her artwork on walls.

Tammy’s role model is Garth Brooks because she loves country music. Her ideal vacation is travelling to Graceland and her favorite meals are pizza (with pepperoni and pineapple) and spaghetti.

When Tammy was if she would like to be older or younger, she said that she thinks 48 is the perfect age because she believes that "the older one gets, the more mature they become." Her favourite colour is red because It’s a bright colour. She concluded by saying that the greatest compliment she has ever received was that she looked twenty years old.


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