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From the vibrant blue walls to the pictures of smiling friends and family hanging throughout, Tara’s bright and welcoming apartment mirrors her vivacious personality. Moving from ALPHA into the apartment four years ago was an exciting time for Tara. She loved picking out her paint colours, flooring and countertops. Though she has the makings of an excellent interior designer, Tara is a graduate of the journalism program at St. Clair College. She is grateful that ALSO was able to assist her while she was living on campus to make her educational aspirations a reality. Though Tara greatly enjoyed her school experience, she admits that being finished with the stress of her classes made her late twenties some of the best years of her life so far. 

Tara is close with her family, especially her grandmother, Dorothy, who lives down the hall from her apartment. Her best friend, Tanya, is also very special to her. Though they have known each other since childhood, the two have been close since high school. Tara stood up in her wedding last year, but before the big day, she surprised Tanya with a trip to Las Vegas so the two friends could enjoy her final days as a bachelorette. Tara loves to spend time with Tanya’s newborn daughter, Lilith. Tara loves sweater weather and looks forward to seeing the falling leaves and enjoying apple cider throughout the autumn season. Christmas is another exciting time of year for Tara because she loves spending time with her family and eating her mom’s homemade sweet potato casserole.

Tara has many wonderful memories of growing up in Windsor and some of her childhood favourites are still close to her heart. Disneyworld has been her top travel destination, especially because it is the home of Belle, the Disney princess she admires most. Her love of the ocean is evident in Tara’s preference of the colour light blue. If she were a box of cereal, Tara would be the marshmallows in a box of lucky charms since they are the best part. She always looks forward to enjoying her dad’s barbequed chicken when they get to spend time together. Capri pizza with cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers is another of her favourite meals.

Music is an essential part of Tara’s life. A glance at her vast collection of CDs reveals her love of the band Hanson. If Tara had the opportunity, she would love to play an instrument, especially drums or the keyboard. Tara is a huge concert-goer and gushes that seeing Adele perform live was an amazing experience. Her favourite celebrity is Jennifer Lawrence because of her portrayal of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series. Tara also likes to indulge in reality television shows like Big Brother.

Tara is very grateful to have been supported by ALSO since 2003. Though she received in-home care during her youth, Tara is now able to live independently. As she speaks of the ways in which ALSO has improved her life, Tara is aglow with a beautiful smile, a feature that often garners compliments from others. “ALSO gave me the opportunity to be independent and my live life to its fullest,” says Tara.

“If you’re always living for tomorrow, you’re going to miss right now”
– Hanson, Scream and Be Free


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