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Warren is well known in ALSO circles, but what you might not know about Warren is that he is a very proud man.  He is proud of being a great god father and he is also proud that he is able to live independently. Warren was one of the 24 consumers that moved when the ALPHA supportive housing site closed in 2014.  He really is enjoying his large accessible apartment and the staff at his site.  He accredits ALSO for ensuring that he is able to live independently and have choices.

Warren is a hard worker and has always given his time to any projects that he can help with.  He is only 68 years young.  He could not stop praising his ALSO staff both at the Trinity Program Site and at Participation Industries.

Warren was asked if he could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who he would pick. Warren answered that he would want to have dinner with his late brother Vince, John Kennedy, Einstein and Pope Francis.  That would be an interesting dinner! I wonder if they would all enjoy the spaghetti that Warren would likely want to be catered in. I also wondered if they would all part ways with a quote from The Walton’s, one of Warren’s favorite shows.  “Good Night John Boy” comes to mind.  I’m sure JFK heard that many times in his life. 

In Warren’s spare time he loves to watch shows like Oprah, Dr. Oz, and sports. Warren appreciates the World around himself and has a special heart of gold. Warren was asked if he won a million dollars what would he do with it.  Warren said if he was to win he would be donating most of the money to charity and to homeless people. If you win Warren, don’t forget to donate to ALSO.  Keep smiling you have a lot to be proud of! 


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