ALSO - Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario

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ABI Assisted Living

A shared care living environment is available for individuals who need assistance with personal care and support to make good choices in daily living.

Staff ratios are higher than in other Supportive Housing sites and activities for engagement are integral to successful Independent Living.

  • We currently have one shared care living setting where supports are provided 24 hours a day to 6 individuals.
  • Individuals must be 18 years of age or older and require supports at a level that cannot be met on a visitation basis.
  •  Currently all of the consumers living in the setting are males between the ages of 33 and 47.


  • The waiting list does not go chronologically but in order of priority.
  • Priority is assessed by the Admissions Committee through the use of a Priority Rating tool.
  • We also assess the persons full range of care requirements to conclude if we are able to meet all of their personal care and activity supports fully and safely in this environment.
  • Where referrals are necessary and appropriate, we partner with other Health Service Providers.



“When I was 16 I was hit by a motorcycle and spent most of my life in hospitals, institutions and rehab. I am now in my 40’s and I now live at ABI, which is a program for people with acquired brain injury. I work with some good staff that help me to cope and understand me… they help me with bathing, cook my meals, talk to me and take me out to different places.”
- Rob Bondy