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Equal Ability

This is an employment support program which provides assessment, job search, job placement, job coaching and employment maintenance services.

What is Equal Ability?

Equal Ability is a personnel service established to network persons with a physical disability or other employment barriers with prospective or current employers.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive employment support services from task assessments to on-going job coaching and follow-up training in a community work environment.

Our Philosophy

Equal Ability is founded on the principle of individual worth and self determination. Our hope is that all employers will discover and utilize the skills of persons with physical disabilities in their workforce.

Equal Ability Services

  • Assessments
  • Job Search
  • Job Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Employment Maintenance Services

    All participants must meet eligibility criteria

Employment Support Services Benefits the Community:

  • By increasing tax revenues
    Accessing alternative labor force creates new tax revenues from persons who become economically self-reliant citizens.
  • By modeling diversified work force and integrated community
    The employment support services concept is based on inclusion of persons desiring and capable of being productive, contributing members of the community and society in general.

Equal Ability Benefits Employers by:

  • Providing Information
    Equal Ability assesses employers' needs and prospective employees' abilities and provides careful matching of a worker to a job... the key to a successful employment.
  • Having no fee for service
    Employers pay no fees for service, nor are there costs for doing business.
  • Developing & retaining, dependable employees
    Equal Ability specializes in win-win strategies for both employers and employees. Employees win by being gainfully employed. Employers win by gaining dependable, valuable workers.
  • Providing long-term follow-up service
    Equal Ability can maintain regular, on-site contact with employees and employers to ensure continued success.

Equal Ability Benefits the Individual by:

  • Providing customized, flexible community based services
    Our services are customized to meet the individual needs of each client
  • Securing employment appropriate to the individual's abilities
    Job placement is based on matching individual skills and potential abilities to job requirements to ensure a positive outcome and stable work situation.
  • Facilitating independence
    Equal Ability is committed to providing services and teaching skills to potential employees so that they may attain the fullest degree of independence.
  • Providing a resource for opportunity
    Many persons with disabilities possess a variety of skills and training, they simply need the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

Michele Legere
(519) 969-8188 ext. 230