ALSO - Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario

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Services are provided on a visitation basis in the individual home of the consumer.

Attendants provide assistance in blocks of time that are task specific and centre on personal care (bathing, grooming, dressing etc). The service maximum is 21 hours per week.

The objective is to provide assistance where and when the consumer needs it including in the workplace and at school. As much as possible, consumers are involved in the selection of attendants. We wish to deliver service outside of the medical model with proficiency and flexibility.

Our goal is that Attendant Services will facilitate the breaking down of barriers that exclude some persons with disabilities from fully accessing employment, education and the community as a whole.

  • Permanent physical disability
  • 16 years of age or older
  • Valid health card
  • Must require help with personal care
  • Must be able to self-direct

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(519) 969-8188