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Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing is intended for consumers who need access to Attendant Services throughout a 24 hour period and cannot have their needs met on a visitation basis.

Generally this means consumers requiring over three hours of service per day or those needing assistance
with unpredictable toileting, turns or checks throughout a 24 hour period.

A.L.S.O. has 9 different sites where individuals can have their own apartment and access attendants around the clock.

At all sites, support staff are scheduled 24 hours per day.

A.L.S.O. has 9 Supportive Housing sites. Most are regular apartment buildings around the City of Windsor. In each apartment building we have a varying number of accessible units. At all sites, support staff are on site 24 hours per day to assist consumers with bookings that are pre-scheduled and calls that are unpredictable in nature like washroom assistance.

Central Y

5 units


1 bedroom units

Y Residence

9 units


Mostly bachelor units

St. Luke

11 units


1, 2 & 3 bedroom units


12 units


1 & 2 bedroom units


10 units


1 & 2 bedroom units


12 units

Wyandotte Village

1 bedroom units for Seniors 65+


20 units


1 bedroom units for Seniors 65+


10 units


1 bedroom units for Seniors 65+


6 rooms

South Windsor

Shared care living setting inteded for consumers who would be isolated in an apartment living setting.


Mobile Supports for Daily Living

Consumers living in a 10 minute geographic distance from one of our Supportive Housing sites can access 24-hour supports in their own home.

Support workers are scheduled to attend bookings for bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, wound care transfers, meal preparation, light homemaking and laundry.

All consumers are provided with an alert alarm through which they can contact staff 24/7 for help.

All consumers are provided with a lockbox so staff can attend outside of booked calls.



“A few years ago I was in an ATV accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down. After spending six months in a rehab hospital I then spent nine months in a rest home. A.L.S.O. offered me an apartment with attendant services which has given me independence and confidence.”

- Dan Simpson