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Williams Food Equipment Honored with Certificate of Accessibility by ALSO for May

Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario (ALSO) is thrilled to announce that Williams Food Equipment has been awarded the prestigious Certificate of Accessibility as part of our ALGO (Assisted Living Goes Out) program for the month of May. This accolade honors businesses that are committed to fostering accessibility, diversity, and equality within our community.

ALSO is dedicated to the vision of an inclusive society where individuals with physical disabilities can fully engage in all aspects of community life. Our mission is to be catalysts for change, advocating for systemic improvements that remove barriers and promote equal opportunities for everyone.The path to achieving this inclusive vision is challenging, but it is also crucial. Through the ALGO program, we recognize and celebrate businesses that align with our goals and take active steps to create a more accessible and inclusive environment.
Staff from Williams Food Equipment proudly display the ALGO certificate and designation decals at their location, representing their commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Williams Food Equipment Honored with Certificate of Accessibility by ALSO for May

As a not-for-profit organization based in Windsor, ALSO serves over 1,100 individuals aged 18 and above with physical disabilities in Windsor Essex County. Despite our extensive efforts, the demand for our services remains high, highlighting the critical need for ongoing advocacy and support. Our goal is to foster a sense of inclusion and create meaningful community connections for all. We encourage everyone to join us in our mission. Businesses, individuals, and organizations can all contribute to making a difference in the lives of people with physical disabilities. Each month, we award the ALGO designation to exemplary businesses and feature them on our social media platforms.
For more information about ALSO, ways to support our mission, or to get involved, please contact Nicole Bussieres at 519-969-8188 ext. 236.
On behalf of ALSO, we extend our deepest appreciation to Williams Food Equipment for their unwavering dedication to creating a barrier-free environment. Your efforts are a shining example of what it means to champion accessibility and inclusivity in our community.
Thank you, Williams Food Equipment, for being a beacon of change and for your continued support in making our community a more inclusive place for everyone.

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