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Foundation Board of Directors

Message From Foundation President

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Ali Coppola


Ali is an employee of FCA (Chrysler) Canada. Ali prides herself on being a lifelong advocate and ally for persons with physical disabilities. She began her involvement with ALSO in 1989 after the birth of her first child. Ali has held many volunteer positions within the Association, but is currently excited to be the president of the ALSO Foundation. Ali credits her involvement with ALSO to have not only challenged her to be a better and more compassionate person, but even more importantly her involvement helped shape who her daughters, Ashleigh and Katie became, and is now helping to shape her nine beautiful grandchildren. Ali genuinely believes there will come a day when persons with disabilities enjoy equal opportunities if we continue to educate our community and live our lives by example.

President Elect

Naomi Levitz Shobola

President Elect

Naomi Levitz Shobola has been active in community change at all levels for over 20 years. She has worked for local, regional, provincial, national and international organizations to create programs that support community growth and personal wellbeing. Her work is focused on harnessing existing strengths in order to leverage resources for healing and change. She is a board member for the Jewish Community Center of Windsor, the ALSO Foundation and ALSO. Naomi is proud to be the board chair for Pozitive Pathways Community Services. She comes from a long line of community organizers who taught her the importance of getting involved in grassroots organizing and hard work. Career highlights include frontline work in addictions and mental health in the US and Canada, founding Canada’s first agricultural migrant worker mental health program, growing support for refugee women and working in consultancy to support diversity and inclusion.

Naomi holds an Honour Bachelor of Arts in Equity, Sociology and Aborginal Studies. She also has a Masters of Social Work and is currently completing a doctorate in social work, and curriculum development support for St Clair College, the University of Windsor and College.

Vice President

Domenic Acchione

Vice President

Domenic Acchione was working as a Regional Property Manager in 2013 when he was first introduced to ALSO. ALSO began a project to transition residents from a facility of care that was closing into a Neighbourhood of Care residential apartment.

That successful transition and the vibrant community it created, initiated a desire to join the ALSO Board of Directors. Domenic’s rich work history has enforced valuea of time management, organization and customer service. As a proud Foundation Board member today, Domenic provides leadership and mentorship to others and contributes to the success of the organization.

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