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Neighbourhoods of Care

ALSO provides a geographically diverse service offering through a Neighbourhoods of Care Model and Collaborative Housing Sites. These are located within the city of Windsor as well as across Essex County.

Each of our 260 front line staff are assigned to Neighbourhoods of Care, both inside and outside of the core building. We schedule a specific time for each service appointment.  Clients will know who is coming and when they are coming.

Neighbourhoods Of Care


  • Amherstburg (680 Front Road S, #24)
  • Barcelona-Madrid (8950 Wyandotte St E, Windsor)
  • Belle River (333 South St, Room 104a)
  • Central Y (455 Dougall, #106, Windsor)
  • Chateau Mason (415 University Ave E, Windsor)
  • Chez Nous (6815 Tecumseh Road, Stoney Point)
  • District 4 (8950 Wyandotte St E. #204, Windsor)
  • Heimathof (5060 Wyandotte St E. Windsor)
  • Leamington (197 Talbot St W)
  • Longfellow (2204 Longfellow, Windsor)
  • Monarch House (3632 Sandwich St, Windsor)
  • Richelieu (3140 Meadowbrook, Windsor)
  • Sandwich Street (3141 Sandwich St, Windsor)
  • St Luke (980 St Luke, #300, Windsor)
  • Tecumseh (1071 Lesperance Road, Unit B)
  • Trinity Towers (1170 Lauzon Road, #104, Windsor)
  • Y-Residence (1101 McDougall Ave, Windsor)

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